About Us

Our Story

Humble Savage, more than just a clothing brand, is a lifestyle forged by dedication, and the relentless pursuit of efficiency. Founded in 2016 by Eben Reed, our journey began as a humble venture, but it has since evolved into something much more.


The Goat Tow - Where Humor Meets Towing

Our viral social media sensation, "The Goat Tow," is where we blend the worlds of towing and humor in a way you've never seen before. With a knack for providing different car and towing services, repossessions and creating some unexpected moments, we've made towing an art form and laughter our secret weapon. You'll find our unique brand of humor sprinkled throughout our clothing line and "The Goat Tow" merch.

Our Mission

At Humble Savage, our mission is simple yet powerful: to make the world run more efficiently, one tow at a time. We believe that great service doesn't have to be dull, and humor can make even the toughest situations a little brighter. We're committed to providing top-notch towing services with a smile, ensuring your vehicle is in capable hands.

Meet the Team

Eben Reed, the driving force behind Humble Savage, brings his passion for efficiency and his love for humor to everything we do. With years of experience in the towing industry, he's the mastermind behind "The Goat Tow" and the creative force shaping our brand. Also a videographer and photographer, he is the total package when it comes to creativity and ambition.

Join Our Journey

We invite you to be a part of our journey, to embrace the Humble Savage spirit. Whether you're in need of dependable towing services or you simply want to rock some stylish apparel that embodies our values, Humble Savage is here for you.

Thank you for choosing Humble Savage. Together, we'll make the world run smoother, one tow at a time.